mastgateway infothreads

Returns information on the threads processing the offload or recall operation.


mrconfig mastgateway infothreads




The command returns the following if it is run during an ongoing offload or recall operation.

threadId The ID of the thread processing the operation.
volId The ID of the volume being offloaded.
cid The ID of the container associated with the volume.
op The operation being processed. Value can be:
  • VolumeOffload
  • VolumeRecall


Retrieve information on the threads processing the offload:

~# /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig -p 8660 mastgateway infothreads
InfoThreads on
threadId: 0
volId: 23315726
cid: 2128
op: VolumeOffload

threadId: 1
volId: 23315726
cid: 2130
op: VolumeOffload

threadId: 10
volId: 23315726
cid: 2127
op: VolumeOffload

threadId: 11
volId: 23315726
cid: 2129
op: VolumeOffload

threadId: 12
volId: 23315726
cid: 2131
op: VolumeOffload