The file /opt/mapr/conf/nfsserver.conf controls parameters related to MapR services and the warden. Most of the parameters are not intended to be edited directly by users. The following table shows the parameters of interest:

Parameter Default Value Description
Compression true Indicates whether compression is on (true) or off (false).
ChunkSize 67108864 Size of each chunk. Default is 64M.
CompThreads 2 Number of threads for compression or decompression.
RamfsMntDir /ramfs/mapr Mount point for the ramfs file for mmap.
RamfsSize 0.25 Size of the ramfile to use (percent of total physical memory). If set to 0, disables the use of ramfs.
Loglevel INFO Sets the level of log messages displayed in the output. Levels include:
  • INFO
  • WARN
  • OFF
DrCacheSize 20480 Duplicate request cache size.
DrCacheTimeout 62 Duplicate request cache timeout in seconds.
DRCacheTimeOutOpt 0.5 If the operations take more than DrCacheTimeout * DRCacheTimeOutOpt, the operations will not be cached. For example, by default, if the operation takes more than 31 seconds — (.5 * 62) = 31 seconds — the operation is not cached. It can be disabled by setting value to 0.
MinLenForDeserialization 8192 Deserialize (if value is > 0) or do not deserialize (if value = 0) the response in the compression thread. If value is greater than 0, MapR deserializes requests with length >= value in the compression thread. If value is 0, requests of length < value are deserialized in the RPC thread itself.
WindowsAceSupport false Allow (true) or deny (false) access to Windows client when ACEs are set. If true, the mode bits are set to 777, the Windows client is granted access, and the operation is allowed based on the permissions enforced using mode bits and/or ACEs. If value is false, the mode bits are set to 000 and the Windows client cannot access. For more information, see Configuring Access When ACES are set.
Tip: Use separate NFS servers for Windows clients and non-Windows clients.

The contents of the nfsserver.conf file are shown below.

# Configuration for nfsserver
# The system defaults are in the comments
# Default compression is true
#Compression = true
# chunksize is 64M
#ChunkSize = 67108864
# Number of threads for compression/decompression: default=2
#CompThreads = 2
#Mount point for the ramfs file for mmap
#RamfsMntDir = /ramfs/mapr
# Size of the ramfile to use (percent of total physical memory) default=0.25
#    0: disables the use of ramfs
#RamfsSize = 0.25
#Loglevel = INFO
#Duplicate Request cache size & timeout in seconds
#DrCacheSize = 20480
#DrCacheTimeout = 62
# To keep the drcache lean, we only cache the response if the
# time we took to populate is greater than 50% of DrCacheTimeout.
# Set it to 0 to disable this optimization, Note that the DrCacheSize or
# DrCacheTimeout will also need to be changed. Ex: if the nfsserver supports
# 10,000 ops/sec (modification ops): then DrCacheSize will need to change
# to: 10,000*DrCacheTimeout = 620,000
#DRCacheTimeOutOpt = 0.5
#NFS fileid, by default the fileid is of 32 bit size.
#Set Use32BitFileId=0 to use 64 bit fileid (inode number)
#Auto refresh exports time interval in mins.
#default is 0, means there is no auto refresh.
#AutoRefreshExportsTimeInterval = 5
Windows clients do not support Access calls. So,
#add configurable to support Aces for them.