node list

Lists nodes in the cluster.

You can specify a set of nodes for which to retrieve information in several ways:

  • To list only nodes with raised alarms, set alarmednodes to 1.
  • To list only NFS nodes, set nfsnodes to 1.
  • To window the list, use the start and limit options to select only a portion of the results.
  • To list nodes that match certain criteria, pass a filter to the filter parameter. See the Fields table on the node page for the fields available to filter by. See the maprcli and REST API Syntax page for information on filters.


maprcli node list
    [ -alarmednodes 0|1 ]
    [ -cluster <cluster> ]
    [ -clientsonly true|false ]
    [ -columns <columns>]
    [ -filter <filter> ]
    [ -limit <limit> ]
    [ -nfsnodes 0|1 ]
    [ -output terse|verbose ]
    [ -sortby <attribute> ]
    [ -start <offset> ]
    [ -zkconnect <ZooKeeper Connect String> ]
Request Type GET
Request URL




alarmednodes If set to 1, displays only nodes with raised alarms. Cannot be used if nfsnodes is set.
cluster The cluster on which to run the command.
clientsonly A filter for retrieving the list of nodes running unique platinum FUSE-based POSIX, NFSv3, NFSv4 and loopbacknfs POSIX clients if value is set to true. The command returns the following fields: clienttype, clienthealth, hostname, ip, lasthb, id. For more information, see the Fields table on the node command page.

If false, which is the default value, returns per node-level information for all the services running on the node and other stats.

columns A comma-separated list of fields to return in the query, specified by the short names.
Note: When specifying this option, the ip and hostname columns are always returned in the query.
filter A filter specifying nodes on which to start or stop services. See the Fields table on the node page for the fields available to filter. See the maprcli and REST API Syntax page for information on filters.
limit The number of rows to return, beginning at start. Default: 0
nfsnodes If set to 1, displays only nodes running NFS. Cannot be used if alarmednodes is set.
output Specifies whether the output should be terse or verbose.
sortby Specifies one of the following attributes to sort the list of nodes by: nodeid, nodeip, nodehostname, noderackpath, nodeswitchpath, nodestatus, nodeservices, nodefshb, nodejthb, nodedisktotal, nodediskused, nodediskavail, noderpc, noderpcin, noderpcout, nodediskcount, nodediskreadops, nodediskreadkbytes, nodediskwriteops, nodediskwritekbytes, nodecpucount, nodecpuutil, nodememtotal, nodememused, nodefaileddisks, nodevirtualip, nodevirtualipend, nodenetmaskvnodemacaddress, nodegateway, nodebytesreceived, nodebytessent, nodecpuuptime, nodemaprdiskcount, nodestatusdesc, nodeblockmovesout, nodeblockmovesinvnodemaxcontainersthreshold, nodenuminstances, nodenumspsperinstance, nodenfsstate, nodeisposixclient, nodeisloopbacknfs, nodeisloopbacknfsrunning
start The offset from the starting row according to sort. Default: 0
zkconnect ZooKeeper Connect String


Information about the nodes. See the Fields table on the node command page.

Sample Output

# /opt/mapr/bin/maprcli node list -json
	"timeofday":"2018-03-15 06:48:30.003 GMT-0700 AM",
			"healthDesc":"One or more alarms raised",
			"MapRfs disks":3,
			"uptime":"Sat Feb 10 14:53:05 PST 2018",
			"Insufficient memory for buckets":0,


For definitions of the output fields, and short names for use with filters, see the Fields table on the node command page.


List all nodes:

For best results, use the -json option when listing all nodes or a large subset of node information.

maprcli node list -json

List the health and configuredservice of all nodes:

The following examples also show the use of short forms for the column parameter.

maprcli node list -columns service,health,configuredservice
maprcli node list -columns svc,h,csvc,health,configuredservice,h,csvs

List the number of slots on all nodes:

maprcli node list -columns ip,ttmapSlots,ttmapUsed,ttReduceSlots,ttReduceUsed,ttmapSlots,ttmapUsed,ttReduceSlots,ttReduceUsed

List nodes on a particular subnet:

maprcli node list -filter [ip==192.168.10.*]*%5D

List the nodes running the clients:

# maprcli node list -clientsonly true
clienttype           clienthealth  hostname           ip                       lasthb  id
posixclientgold      Active,  28      5412384279424088014
NFS_V3               Active            1       711699521447755347
posixclientbasic     Active            5       5689202715616988402
posixclientplatinum  Active            15      5679519305469912939
LOOPBACK_NFS         Active            1       723686691202793155
NFS_V4               Active            1       7808496860582738296
posixclientbasic     Active            25      2792316733179447508
posixclientplatinum  Active            11      5678398615695393161
LOOPBACK_NFS         Active            1       5524477677754836725
NFS_V3               Active            1       3396225116726542411
NFS_V4               Active            2       1203052391917747224
# curl -k -X POST '' --user mapr:mapr
{"timestamp":1531171868890,"timeofday":"2018-07-09 02:31:08.890 GMT-0700 PM","status":"OK","total":1,"data":[{"id":"5412384279424088014","hostname":"","ip":",","clienttype":"posixclientgold","clienthealth":"Active","lasthb":28}]}