Installing the Sandbox on VMware Player or VMware Fusion

Download the MapR Sandbox for Hadoop, and import the virtual machine into the VMware Player. Configure the network setting, and start the MapR Sandbox for Hadoop to access the MapR Control System and Hue interfaces.

Complete the following steps to install and run the MapR Sandbox for Hadoop:
  1. Download the MapR Sandbox for Hadoop file to a directory on your machine. To access the file, go to, and select the directory for the latest MapR release. The file is located in the sandbox/ directory for the release, as shown:
  2. Open the VMware Player, and select the Open a Virtual Machine option. If you are running VMware Fusion, select Import.
  3. Go to the directory where you downloaded the MapR Sandbox for Hadoop file, and select MapR-Sandbox-For-Hadoop-<version>-vmware.ova. The Import Virtual Machine window appears.
  4. In the Import Virtual Machine window, click Import. The virtual machine player imports the sandbox.
  5. Select Edit virtual machine settings and then select the Network Adapter option.
    Note: The correct setting depends on your network connectivity when you run the sandbox. In general, if you are going to use a wired Ethernet connection, select NAT. If you use ODBC or JDBC on a remote host, select Bridged Adapter. If you are going to use a wireless network, select Host-only or Bridged Adapter.
  6. Click OK to save the settings.
  7. Select the MapR-Sandbox-For-Hadoop-<version>_VM, and click Play virtual machine.
  8. When you see the maprdemo login:_ prompt, enter mapr and then enter mapr as the password.
    The message, Welcome to your MapR Demo virtual machine, appears.
  9. Verify that a DNS entry was created on the host machine for the virtual machine. If not, create the entry.
    • For Linux and Mac, create the entry in /etc/hosts.
    • For Windows, create the entry in the %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file. To edit and save the hosts file on Windows, you may need to log on as administrator and run an editor, such as Notepad.
    Example: maprdemo
  10. Enter the following URLs in your browser address bar to access the Hue and MapR Control System interfaces, and enter mapr as the username and password:
    • MapR Control System - Enter https://localhost:8443 or in the address bar.
      Note: If you encounter a warning message stating that your connection is not private, select the option to accept and continue to the MapR Control System.
    • Hue - Enter http://localhost:8888 or in the address bar.
      Note: If you used a bridged adapter, the network generates and assigns an IP to the sandbox that you must use in place of or localhost in the URL. To get the IP address, log in to the sandbox, using Alt+F2 on Windows or Option+F5 on Mac or Linux. Enter root as the username and mapr as the password. Run the ifconfig command to get the sandbox IP address. The IP address is located in the inet address field. You can access the MCS and Hue interfaces using the IP address, as shown in the following examples:
      • MCS -
      • Hue -
    Alternatively, you can access the host via SSH using ssh mapr@localhost -p 2222.