Managing Auditing

Provides instructions for using MapR auditing features.

You can enable auditing of cluster administration and data-access operations using the MapR Control System and the CLI. Enabling auditing of filesystem, table, and streams operations requires running a command on a cluster, a command on individual volumes in the cluster, and a command on individual directories, files, and MapR Database tables and streams within those volumes.

These steps are summarized in the following table:

Steps to enable auditing

Enable auditing of cluster administration

Enable data auditing on the cluster

Enable auditing of individual volumes

Enable auditing of individual directories, files, and MapR Database tables

Auditing of cluster administration

Not applicable

Not applicable

Not applicable

Auditing of directories, files, and MapR Database tables

Not applicable

Prerequisites for enabling auditing

  • If you upgraded your MapR cluster from version 4.1 or earlier, you must enable the auditing feature.
    • Run maprcli config save -values {"":"1"}
    • To verify that the feature is enabled, run maprcli config load -json | grep ""
  • Only the root user or mapr user can enable or disable auditing.