ACL Configuration for Spark

In MEP 6.0, ACL configuration for Spark is disabled by default.

If you are authorized by PAM, then you will have access to all Spark UIs. For Spark history server, you can only see logs of your own Spark jobs if PAM is enabled (regardless of if ACL is enabled).

By default on a secure cluster:
spark.acls.enable false
spark.admin.acls mapr
spark.admin.acls.groups mapr
spark.ui.view.acls mapruser1
Other Example:
spark.acls.enable true - ACL is enabled and restricted access to Spark master and thriftserver UIs for other users.
spark.admin.acls mapr - Administrator or "sudoer" of ACL access.
spark.admin.acls.groups mapr - Group of administrators.
spark.ui.view.acls mapruser1 - user who can be logged in to Spark master and thriftserver UIs.