Note: With the MapR 6.2 release, Sqoop2 will be deprecated and no longer supported.

Sqoop2 transfers bulk data between Hadoop and various types of structured datastores, such as relational databases, enterprise data warehouses, and NoSQL systems. Sqoop2 is installed and configured server-side. When you install the Sqoop2 server package, the Sqoop2 client package is installed as well.

Sqoop2 can be used in conjunction with Hue, which is a web-based GUI that facilitates the importing and exporting of data from these structured datastores. This illustration shows how a user can access Sqoop2 from a browser, such as Hue.

This documentation provides all relevant details about using Sqoop2 with MapR, but does not duplicate Apache documentation. You can refer also to documentation available from the Apache Sqoop website.

Note: Sqoop2 does not officially support HA.