Data Storage Policy

Provides an overview of creating storage policies and formulating rules to offload data.

You can configure a storage policy (or rules) for data at the volume level. The storage policy simplifies the lifecycle management of data in the volume including automated migration of files to low-cost storage alternatives. The policy can contain rules for files that have a well-defined lifecycle or for files you want to switch to different storage tiers during their lifecycle.

You can specify the rules, at the volume level, to selectively identify files to offload (such as file size, file owner, and file modification time), the schedule for offloading the data (for example, 2 months after file modification), and the settings for storing (such as the location and credentials for the tier) and recalling the offloaded data. You can configure one rule per volume using the CLI or REST API. You can also associate a schedule to automatically offload data at scheduled intervals based on the associated rules.

See Managing Storage Policies for more information.