Viewing the List of Tiers

You can view the list of tiers using the MapR Control System, CLI, and REST API. In the MCS, you can only see the list of cold tiers (referred to as remote targets). Use the CLI or REST API to retrieve the list of both cold and warm tiers.

Viewing the List of Remote Targets Using the MapR Control System

Log in to MCS and click Data > Volumes > Remote Targets.
The page displays the following for each remote target:
Column Name Column Description
Remote Target Name The name of the remote target.
External Storage Vendor The name of the third-party storage vendor.
Bucket The name of the bucket.
Region The region where the bucket resides.
URL The URL of the remote target.
You can:

Viewing the List of Tiers Using the CLI and REST API

Run the following command to retrieve the list of (warm and cold) tiers:
/opt/mapr/bin/maprcli tier list
Send a request of type GET. For example:
# curl -k -X GET '' --user mapr:mapr
{"timestamp":1525725765483,"timeofday":"2018-05-07 01:42:45.483 GMT-0700 PM","status":"OK","total":0,"data":[{"tierid":"79082078","tiername":"egWarmTier","tiertype":"ectier","volume":"mapr.internal.tier.egWarmTier","topology":"/data"},{"tierid":"120198852","tiername":"egColdTier","tiertype":"cold","url":"","bucketname":"ksekhar-test","region":"us-east-1","volume":"mapr.internal.tier.egColdTier","topology":"/data","objectstoretype":"S3_AWS"},{"tierid":"158778422","tiername":"autoec.vol_tiered.1525463214","tiertype":"ectier","volume":"mapr.internal.tier.autoec.vol_tiered.1525463214","topology":"/data"}]}

For more information, see tier list.