Vertica Access to Hadoop Data

In addition to using MapR NFS for Vertica data, catalog, and temporary files, MapR NFS can also be used by Vertica to access data that is already in the Hadoop cluster.

For example, the Vertica COPY command can be used to load data from Hadoop into Vertica. COPY is typically used by Vertica to load data from a Linux file system into Vertica tables. Since MapR NFS makes Hadoop files available to Vertica just like local Linux files, the COPY command can be used to load data directly from the MapR Hadoop cluster.

Similarly, an Vertica external table can be created with a reference to files in the MapR Hadoop cluster. External tables typically reference files in a Linux file system. By referencing Hadoop files via a MapR NFS mount, Vertica external tables access Hadoop files directly. Vertica can then execute SQL commands on data in the MapR Hadoop cluster.

MapR allows Vertica to access Hadoop data without the use of any special Hadoop connectors.