Mount MapR Directories for Vertica

On every node that will be running Vertica:
  1. As the root user, create a Linux mount point for the Vertica volumes, as shown in the example below:
    mkdir /vertica 
    chown dbadmin:verticadba /vertica
  2. As the MapR administrative user, add the mount specification to mapr_fstab on each node. Adding this specification automatically mounts the node specific directory for the Vertica volumes when you start the MapR NFS gateway:
    echo localhost:/mapr/<clustername>/vertica/$(hostname -­f) /vertica nolock,hard >> /opt/mapr/conf/mapr_fstab 
    Warning: If it is not changed at configuration time, the default MapR cluster name is You can determine the MapR cluster name using the maprcli command:
    maprcli dashboard info -­json | grep name
  3. As the root user, mount the new Vertica volumes specified in mapr_fstab.
    mount localhost:/mapr/<clustername>/vertica/$(hostname ­-f) /vertica
  4. As the root user, confirm successful mounting on every node. You will see a /vertica mount specific for the server on which this command is run:
    mount | grep mapr
    Note: Do not continue with creation of the Vertica database unless these directories exist.