Vertica Analytics Platform

This document describes the steps required to run the Vertica Analytics Platform on a MapR Hadoop cluster. It is not an installation guide for either product. Rather, it provides the specific configuration steps to configure Vertica on the MapR solution.

Like Hadoop, Vertica is deployed in a cluster architecture that uses a shared-nothing storage model. Each Vertica node typically uses a local Linux ext3 or ext4 filesystem to store its files. The Vertica on MapR solution uses local NFS mounts of the MapR file system instead of a local Linux filesystem. Using NFS mounts allows Vertica and Hadoop to run simultaneously on the same set of hosts or systems. MapR provides for resource management to control compute resources used by Hadoop applications and by Vertica. Note that, for best performance, it is recommended to run Vertica on a dedicated server. The integration between MapR and Vertica provides access to Hadoop applications, but may affect your Vertica performance.

All storage on each Vertica/MapR node is flexibly allocated to Vertica or other Hadoop applications as needed. You do not need to pre-allocate nodes or storage to Vertica or Hadoop applications.

Target Versions

The Vertica and MapR solution has been tested with and is supported on the following versions:

  • Vertica 7.0.1 and MapR 3.0.2
  • Vertica 7.1 and MapR 3.1.1