Considerations for Upgrading to HBase 1.1.13

Before upgrading to HBase 1.1.13, familiarize yourself with aspects of the MEP 6.3.0 HBase implementation that can affect an upgrade.

Removing the Mappings Property

A MapR 6.0.x cluster installed using the MapR Installer contains an hbase.table.namespace.mappings property in the /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-<version>/etc/hadoop/core-site.xml file. For example:
MapR 6.0.x clusters support MapR Database, but they do not support HBase. Therefore, if you upgrade the cluster manually from MapR 6.0.x, you need to remove this property in order to support HBase connections to both HBase and MapR Database.
If you do not remove the property, you might see the following message:
This client is configured to use MapR tables only. HBase status is not available. MapR cluster status  
can be viewed using the 'maprcli dashboard info' command or the UI.

How HBase Configuration Files Are Preserved During an Upgrade

Starting with MEP 6.3.0, existing HBase configuration files are automatically saved during an upgrade. This table describes what happens to HBase configuration files during an upgrade.
When you upgrade from HBase Version To Version HBase Configuration Files
1.1.8 1.1.13 Are overwritten by new configuration files.
1.1.13 1.1.13 (with patches)1 Are saved (not overwritten).

1An upgrade from HBase 1.1.13 to HBase 1.1.13 is a valid upgrade path if patches have been added to HBase 1.1.13 and you want to apply the patches.

This example shows a listing of the configuration files that are saved after an upgrade from HBase 1.1.8 to HBase 1.1.13:
[mapr@node2 etc]$ ls /opt/mapr/hbase/
hbase-1.1.13 hbase- hbaseversion

$ ls /opt/mapr/hbase/hbase- hbase-policy.xml hbase-site.xml regionservers 
warden.hbaserest.conf warden.hbaserest.conf.template warden.hbasethrift.conf warden.hbasethrift.conf.template

Applications and Security

Existing HBase applications might need to be modified to work properly with HBase 1.1.13 in a secure MapR cluster:
HBase API Client No changes
HBase REST No changes if the old client used PAM (can now be changed to mapr-sasl header)
HBase Thrift over HTTP No change if the old client used PAM (can now be changed to mapr-sasl header)
HBase Thrift over Socket No changes

Configuring the Default Database for HBase Clients

MEP 6.3.0 introduced some minor changes to default database configuration. For details, see Configure the Default Database for HBase Clients.