Step 3: Manually Update your License

The Base License may need to be updated manually depending on the MapR version you are upgrading from.

Depending on which MapR release you are upgrading from, the Base License may need to be updated. This is due to new license categories implemented as of MapR version 5.1. This applies to all upgrade methods (MapR Installer, rolling upgrade, or manual rolling upgrade).

To update the Base License, copy the new Base License file from the /opt/mapr/ directory to the /opt/mapr/conf/ directory on every node in your cluster.
cp /opt/mapr/ /opt/mapr/conf/
Note: The BaseLicense.txt file must be copied before starting Warden, otherwise, Warden must be restarted.

If you are upgrading from the Enterprise Database Edition (M7) to the Enterprise Edition and want to use the MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka module, you must purchase additional licensing. In this case, you will be issued a new license to apply. See Managing Licenses for more information. In addition, the new MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka feature must be manually enabled.