Post-Upgrade Steps for Drill

Complete the following steps after you upgrade Drill with or without the MapR Installer.

  1. Configuration files from the previous installation now reside in /opt/mapr/drill/OLD_DRILL_VERSIONS. If you have made any changes to configuration files in the previous version, compare and restore your previous configurations in the /opt/mapr/drill/drill-<version>/conf directory. Also, copy over any UDF or custom storage or format plugin JAR files that you added to the previous Drill directory.
    Note: The drill-override.conf contains your ZooKeeper configuration and any other options specified in the file. The file contains any options that you modified, such as Drill memory allocation. The logback.xml file contains changes you may have made to use Lilith.
  2. Run to refresh the node configuration.
    $ /opt/mapr/server/ -R
    Note: Drill should be configured and running on the node. You can use one of the following methods to verify that the Drillbit service is running on the node:
    • Issue the following command to verify the status of the Drillbit service from the command line:
    • Log in to the MCS at https://<host name>:8443 and click Services to verify the status of the Drillbit service.
    You should see the Drillbit listed as a service running on the node.
  3. Enter the following URL in a web browser to access the Drill Web Console and verify that your storage plugin configurations were preserved during the upgrade:
    http://<IP address or host name>:8047/storage

    If your storage plugins were not preserved, use the back up that you took before the upgrade to restore them.

    Note: You can start/stop/restart the Drillbit service on one or more nodes using the MCS or the following command:
    $ maprcli node services -name drill-bits -action start|restart|stop -nodes <node host names separated by a space>

    Use the host name if possible. Using host names instead of IP addresses is a best practice.

    You can access the Drill log files in /opt/mapr/drill/drill-<version>/logs/drillbit.log.