Post-Upgrade Steps for Sentry

Complete the following steps after you upgrade Sentry with or without the MapR Installer.

If you saved the configuration files from the previous installation of Sentry, you can migrate the saved settings into the new default files. Use the schema tool to upgrade the database schema and then start the Sentry service.
  1. (Optional) Migrate the settings in the saved configuration files from the previous version of Sentry into the new default files in /opt/mapr/sentry/sentry-<version>/conf/.
  2. To upgrade the database schema using the schema tool, issue the following command:
    /opt/mapr/sentry/sentry-<SENTRY_VERSION>/bin/sentry --command schema-tool --conffile <sentry-site.xml> --dbType <db-type> --upgradeSchema
  3. To start the Sentry service, issue one of the following commands
    • If the warden.sentry.conf exists in the /opt/mapr/conf/conf.d/ directory:
      maprcli node services -name sentry  -action start -nodes <list of Sentry service nodes>
    • If the warden.sentry.conf does not exist in the /opt/mapr/conf/conf.d/ directory:
      /opt/mapr/sentry/sentry-<SENTRY_VERSION>/bin/  start <sentry-site.xml>