Pre-Upgrade Steps for Drill

Complete the following steps before you upgrade Drill with or without the MapR Installer.

Starting in Drill 1.11, Drill is automatically secured when installed in a 6.x MapR cluster with the default MapR security configuration. The default security configuration uses MapR security (mapr tickets) to provide authentication, authorization, and encryption for cluster security. See Securing Drill for more information.
Note: The MapR default security feature introduced in MapR 6.0 is not supported with Drill-on-YARN.
Note: See Component Versions for Released MEPs for version support in each MEP release.

Preserving Custom Security When Upgrading MapR and Drill

You can perform a manual upgrade, for example from a secured MapR 5.2 cluster to 6.0, to preserve your security settings from 5.2. When you upgrade, a special file, /opt/mapr/conf/.upgrade_from, checks for security settings. If security is set, the same settings carry over to 6.x.

During a custom upgrade, Drill configurations are not carried over. You must either reconfigure all of your Drill settings, or save your previous settings and then override the default Drill settings. You can manually secure Drill either by copying over the old drill-override.conf file into /opt/mapr/drill/drill-<version>/conf or by updating the /opt/mapr/drill/drill-<version>/conf/drill-distrib.conf file with the security settings.

After you upgrade, you must run -R to configure the cluster. When you run the configuration script, it adds a .customSecure file to the /opt/mapr/conf directory. This file calls the internal ecosystem scripts, but does not configure Drill.

If you decide you want to enable the default security option, you can do so by running with the -secure and -forceSecurityDefaults flags, as shown:
/opt/mapr/server/ -forceSecurityDefaults [ -unsecure | -secure ]
 -C <CLDB_node> -Z <ZK_node>

Running with these flags secures the cluster and supported ecosystem components. The internal Drill configuration script configures Drill security in the drill-distrib.conf and files. See Securing Drill.

Drill Management Service

Drill can run under the MapR Warden service or under YARN. You can upgrade Drill and continue to run Drill under the MapR Warden service. If you are currently running Drill under the MapR Warden service, you can migrate Drill to run under YARN. If you want to migrate Drill to run under YARN, see Migrate Drill to Run Under YARN.

If you are upgrading Drill to run under Warden, Drill should preserve your storage plugin and configuration files when you upgrade. However, you should backup and restore your configuration files and UDF JAR files.

Pre-Upgrade Steps

Complete the following steps on Drill servers and clients before you upgrade Drill:

  1. Optionally, back up storage plugin configurations:
    1. Open the Drill Web Console. The Drill node that you use to access the Web Console is a node that is currently running the Drillbit process.
    2. Click the Storage tab.
    3. Click Update next to a storage plugin.
    4. Copy the configuration to a text file, and save the file.
    5. Repeat steps c and d for each storage plugin configuration that you want to save.
  2. To stop the Drillbit service on all nodes, issue the following command:
    maprcli node services -name drill-bits -action stop -nodes <node hostnames separated by a space>