Set Up the Internet Repository: SUSE

This section describes how to add an internet repository using a zypper command.

As root or sudo, you add the repository for the latest packages using a zypper command to specify URLs to the packages. See the Packages and Dependencies for MapR Software for the URLs for all release packages.

  1. Change to the root user or use sudo.
  2. Add the repository for MapR packages, replacing <version> with the version of MapR that you want to install.
    zypper ar<version>/suse/ maprtech
  3. Add the repository for MapR ecosystem packages.
    zypper ar<version>/suse/ maprecosystem
  4. If your connection to the Internet is through a proxy server, set the http_proxy environment variable before installation.
    export http_proxy
  5. Update the system package index.
    zypper refresh