Workflow: MapR Installer Upgrade to MapR 6.1

This page summarizes the steps for upgrading from MapR 5.2.x to MapR 6.1 by using the MapR Installer. In this workflow, the cluster to be upgraded is nonsecure; after the upgrade, the cluster will continue to be nonsecure, but can be secured by using the Incremental Install function of the MapR Installer.

MapR Installer Upgrade Summary

In an upgrade using the MapR Installer, the Installer shuts down MapR Core on the entire cluster, upgrades and configures MapR Core, starts MapR Core, upgrades MEP components, and then starts the MEP components. Like the offline manual upgrade, the MapR Installer upgrade is an offline upgrade. A MapR Installer upgrade requires you to:
  1. Plan for the upgrade
  2. Update the MapR Installer to version 1.10
  3. Launch the installer and select Version Upgrade
  4. Complete the upgrade through the installer
  5. Merge custom configuration settings
  6. Perform post-upgrade checks

The workflow later in this section provides more detail to help you get started with a MapR Installer upgrade.

Considerations for MapR Installer Upgrades

Before upgrading using the MapR Installer, note these considerations:
  • Upgrades using the MapR Installer are supported only from MapR 5.2.x with MEP 3.0.1 or later.
  • If security is enabled on the cluster – either MapR default security or custom security – you cannot upgrade from MapR 5.2.x using the MapR Installer; you must use one of the manual upgrade workflows. Note that upgrades from secure MapR 6.0.0 or 6.0.1 clusters can be done using the MapR Installer, as described in Planning Your MapR Core Upgrade.
  • Security settings cannot be changed during a version upgrade using the MapR Installer.
  • Before upgrading using the MapR Installer, you must update the installer to version 1.10 or later.
  • This procedure assumes that the cluster was originally installed using the MapR Installer or a MapR Installer Stanza. If the cluster was installed manually, you must use the manual steps to upgrade or use probe and import to generate the installer database.
  • When upgrading to MapR 6.1 using the MapR Installer, MEP 3.0.1 or later is upgraded automatically to MEP 6.0.0.

MapR Installer Upgrade Workflow