Workflow: Offline Manual Upgrade to MapR 6.1

This page summarizes the steps for upgrading from MapR 5.2.x to MapR 6.1 by using the offline manual upgrade. In this workflow, the cluster to be upgraded is nonsecure; after the upgrade, the cluster will continue to be nonsecure, but can be secured by using manual steps.

Offline Manual Upgrade Summary

In an offline manual upgrade, MapR processes and the jobs that depend on them are stopped on all nodes so that packages can be updated. The offline upgrade process is simpler than a rolling upgrade, and usually completes faster. The offline manual upgrade requires you to:
  1. Perform pre-upgrade checks
  2. Shut down the cluster
  3. Upgrade MapR Core to 6.1.0
  4. Upgrade the MEP to 6.0.0
  5. Merge custom configuration settings
  6. Start the cluster and perform post-upgrade checks
  7. Enable MapR 6.1.0 features

The workflow later in this section provides more detail to help you get started with an offline manual upgrade.

Considerations for Offline Manual Upgrades

Before performing an offline manual upgrade, note the following considerations:
Note: After upgrading MapR Core to MapR 6.1.0, you must upgrade ecosystem components to a MEP that is compatible with your MapR 6.1.0 release. This must be done before you enable MapR 6.1.0 features. To determine the compatible MEPs, see MEP Support by MapR Core Version.
  • You can perform an offline upgrade to MapR 6.1.0 from the following MapR versions: 3.x, 4.0.x, 4.1, 5.x, and 6.x.
  • The offline upgrade procedure requires an outage of the entire cluster. During the maintenance window, the administrator:
    • Stops all jobs on the cluster.
    • Stops all cluster services.
    • Upgrades packages on all nodes (which can be done in parallel).
    • Brings the cluster back online at once.

Offline Manual Upgrade Workflow