Upgrading the MapR Client on a Linux Server

This section describes how to upgrade the MapR client on a Linux Server.

To upgrade the MapR client on an RHEL, SUSE, or Ubuntu server, you must upgrade the mapr-client package. When you upgrade the MapR client packages on the server, the configuration files in the /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-2.x.x directory are automatically copied into the active directory associated with the Hadoop 2.x.x directory.

  1. Remove any currently installed client patches. For example:
    • On RedHat and CentOS
      yum remove mapr-patch-client-<version>
    • On Ubuntu
      apt-get remove mapr-patch-client-<version>
    • On SUSE
      zypper remove mapr-patch-client-<version>
  2. Configure the repository to point to the target release and operating system.
  3. Run the following command to upgrade the client package:
    • On RedHat / CentOS: yum update mapr-client
    • On SUSE: zypper update mapr-client
    • On Ubuntu: apt-get install mapr-client