Upgrading the MapR POSIX Client on a Linux Server

This section provides instructions on how to upgrade the MapR POSIX Client on a Linux Server.

To upgrade the MapR POSIX client on a RHEL, SUSE, or Ubuntu server, you must upgrade the mapr-loopbacknfs package.
Note: To migrate the MapR POSIX Client to a FUSE-based POSIX client, see Migrating to FUSE-based POSIX Clients.
  1. Stop the mapr-loopbacknfs service.
    service mapr-loopbacknfs stop
  2. Remove any currently installed client patches. For example:
    • On RedHat / CentOS: yum remove mapr-patch-loopbacknfs
    • On SUSE: zypper remove mapr-patch-loopbacknfs
    • On Ubuntu: apt-get remove mapr-patch-loopbacknfs
  3. Upgrade the mapr-loopbacknfs package.
    • On RedHat / CentOS: yum update mapr-loopbacknfs
    • On SUSE: zypper update mapr-loopbacknfs
    • On Ubuntu: apt-get install mapr-loopbacknfs
  4. Update the cluster configuration information in the mapr-loopbacknfs.new file.
    vi /usr/local/mapr-loopbacknfs/initscripts/mapr-loopbacknfs.new
  5. Copy mapr-loopbacknfs.new to the mapr-loopbacknfs script
  6. Start the loopbacknfs service.
    service mapr-loopbacknfs start
  7. Check the status of the loopbacknfs service.
    service mapr-loopbacknfs status