Running the Zeppelin Container

To run the Apache Zeppelin container, you must access the Zeppelin Docker image from MapR’s public repository, run the Docker image, and access the deployed container from your web browser. From your browser, you can create Zeppelin notebooks.

To pull and run the Docker image, you must first install Docker on the host where you want to run the container. You can download the software from
Docker is a tool that you use to package an application and its dependencies into a virtual container. You can deploy and run the container on any node. MapR uses this technology to package Apache Zeppelin with all software you need to integrate with various engines. After you deploy the container, all software and services used by Zeppelin are started and ready for you to use.
Important: After installing Docker, if you configure a memory limit, ensure that it is at least 3.5 GB of memory. Otherwise, you may not be able to start the Zeppelin container or may encounter log in problems.

See for additional information about Docker and for information about running Docker images from cloud-based repositories.