Using Visualization Packages in Zeppelin

Apache Zeppelin supports the Helium framework. Using visualization packages, you can view your data through area charts, bar charts, scatter charts, and other displays. To use a visualization package, you must enable it through the Helium repository browser in the Zeppelin UI. Like Zeppelin interpreters, Helium is automatically installed in your Zeppelin container.

The example in this section assumes that you are using Zeppelin 0.8.0 and are enabling the ultimate-pie-chart package. Zeppelin 0.8.0 is supported starting in MapR Data Science Refinery 1.3. If you are using an earlier release of MapR Data Science Refinery, see earlier versions of the documentation for instructions.
Important: The Apache Community provides and supports the visualization packages available through the Helium repository browser. MapR does not provide support for these packages.

Follow these steps to enable a package:

  1. Open the Helium repository browser by selecting the Helium tab in the main menu of the Zeppelin UI:

  2. Locate your package, click Enable, and then click OK in the popup window:

    The time it takes to enable a package depends on your internet connection speed.

After enabling the package and refreshing your browser to reload notebook content, you can use the package. The following shows output that uses the ultimate-pie-chart package: