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This file is a resource file used for creating a persona based overflow for common tasks.

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Data Analytics

The MapR Data Platform supports a range of SQL technologies for big data analysis, for streamed data analysis, and for both batch and interactive data analytics.

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Developing applications with MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka for streaming analytics

Analyzing Data with Apache Drill


The MapR Data Science Refinery, MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and Apache Drill can be used to create real-time machine learning pipelines and distill insights from your data on the MapR Data Platform.

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Data Exploration and Interactive SQL with Apache Drill

Streaming Analytics with MapR Event Store For Apache Kafka


The MapR Data Platform and MapR Ecosystem Pack can be installed on local server(s) or to resources on the cloud using the MapR Installer web interface, the script-based MapR Installer Stanzas, or the more customized manual procedure.

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Cluster Administration

MapR Data Platform cluster administrators design, implement, and monitor MapR clusters, on-prem or in the cloud, for data management and real time analytics using the MapR Control System, CLI, and REST API.

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