MapR 4.0.x Documentation : Advanced Installation Topics

This Installation Guide has been designed as a set of sequential steps. Complete each step before proceeding to the next.


Installing MapR Hadoop involves these steps:

  1. Planning the Cluster
    • Determine which services will be run on each node. It is important to see the big picture before installing and configuring the individual management and compute nodes.
  2. Preparing Each Node
    • Check that each node is a suitable platform for its intended use. Nodes must meet minimum requirements for operating system, memory and disk resources and installed software, such as Java. Including unsuitable nodes in a cluster is a major source of installation difficulty.
  3. Installing MapR
    • Each node in the cluster, even purely data/compute nodes, runs several services. Obtain and install MapR packages, using either a package manager, a local repository, or a downloaded tarball.
    • After installing services on a node, configure it to participate in the cluster, then initialize the raw disk resources.
  4. Bringing Up the Cluster
    • Start the nodes and check the cluster. Verify node communication and that services are up and running.
    • Create one or more volumes to organize data.
  5. Installing Hadoop Ecosystem Components
    • Install additional Hadoop components alongside MapR services.

To begin, start by Planning the Cluster.


is2.png (image/png)
is5.png (image/png)
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Architecture.png (image/png)
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m3-heatmap-diag.png (image/png)