MapR 4.0.x Documentation : Apache Drill on MapR

Apache Drill is a low-latency distributed query engine for large-scale datasets, including structured and semi-structured/nested data. Inspired by Google’s Dremel, Drill is designed to scale to several thousands of nodes and query petabytes of data at interactive speeds that BI/Analytics environments require.

Apache Drill includes a distributed execution environment, purpose built for large-scale data processing. At the core of Apache Drill is the "Drillbit" service which is responsible for accepting requests from the client, processing the queries, and returning results to the client. 

You can install and run a Drillbit service on one node or on all of the nodes in a MapR cluster to form a distributed cluster environment. When a Drillbit runs on each data node in a cluster, Drill can maximize data locality during query execution without moving data over the network or between nodes. Drill uses ZooKeeper to maintain cluster membership and health check information.

Once you have installed Apache Drill and configured connections to your data sources, you can access Apache Drill from any of the following user interfaces:

  • Drill shell (SQLLine)
  • Drill Web UI
  • ODBC
  • JDBC
  • C++ API 

For more information about Apache Drill, refer to the following content:


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