MapR 5.0 Documentation : Get Started: Install MapR

The MapR Installer makes the installation of a MapR cluster easy.  To see the MapR Installer in action, watch this video

  1. Select a node to run the MapR Installer.
    The node from which you run the MapR Installer must also be one of the nodes you plan to install the cluster on. Before you begin, you may want to check the prerequisites and known limitations.
  2. Download the script. 
    Download from Then, copy to the node that will run the MapR Installer.
  3. Run the script to configure the node to run the MapR Installer.
    Run the following command as the root user from the directory that contains the script:

  4. Start the MapR Installer.
    Open the MapR Installer URL:  https://<MapR Installer Node hostname/IPaddress>:9443
    You will be prompted to log in as the MapR Administrator user that you configured while running the script. 

For more information, see Using the MapR Installer.