MapR 5.0 Documentation : Unsupported Methods in the Append, Delete, Increment, Put, and Scan Classes

The following methods are not supported. Attempts to call any of these methods results in anĀ UnsupportedOperationException exception.

Methods regarding time-to-live for cell values:

  • Put.setTTL(long ttl)
  • Append.setTTL(long ttl)
  • Delete.setTTL(long ttl)
  • Increment.setTTL(long ttl)

Methods regarding cell visibility:

  • Put.setCellVisibility( expression)
  • Append.setCellVisibility( expression)
  • Delete.setCellVisibility( expression)
  • Increment.setCellVisibility( expression)

Methods regarding ACLs for cells:

  • Put.setACL(String user, perms)
  • Append.setACL(Map<String,> perms)
  • Delete.setACL(Map<String,> perms)
  • Increment.setACL(Map<String,> perms)

Method for reverse scans

  • Scan.setBatch()
  • Scan.setCaching()
  • nbRows)
  • Scan.setReversed(boolean reversed)