MapR 5.0 Documentation : Enabling Access to MapR Tables via HBase APIs, hbase shell, and MapReduce Jobs

You can use the HBase API and the hbase shell commands to access your MapR tables. MapR has extended the HBase component to handle access to both MapR tables and Apache HBase tables. MapR tables do not support low-level HBase API calls that are used to manipulate the state of an Apache HBase cluster.

See Creating MapR-DB Applications with Java for a full list of supported HBase Java APIs.

See HBase Shell for MapR-DB for a full list of supported commands in the HBase shell.

To enable the HBase API and hbase shell access, install the mapr-hbase package on every node in the cluster. The HBase component of the MapR distribution for Hadoop is typically installed under/opt/mapr/hbase. To ensure that your existing HBase applications and workflow work properly, install the mapr-hbase package that provides the same version number of HBase as your existing Apache HBase.

See Get Started: Install MapR for information about MapR installation procedures.

The version of HBase provided by MapR has been modified to work with MapR tables in addition to Apache HBase. Do not download and install stock Apache HBase on a MapR cluster that uses MapR tables.

If you use fat JARs to deploy your application as a single JAR including all dependencies, be aware that the fat JAR may contain versions of HBase that override the installed MapR versions, leading to problems. Check your fat JARs for the presence of stock HBase to prevent this problem.