MapR 5.0 Documentation : Adding a License using the MapR Control System

  1. On a machine that is connected to the cluster and to the Internet, perform the following steps to open the MapR Control System and install the license:
    1. In a browser, view the MapR Control System by navigating to the node that is running the MapR Control System: https:/<webserver>/:8443
      Your computer won't have an HTTPS certificate yet, so the browser will warn you that the connection is not trustworthy. You can ignore the warning this time.
    2. The first time MapR starts, you must accept the Terms of Use and choose whether to enable the MapR Dial Home service.
    3. Log in to the MapR Control System as the administrative user you designated earlier.
      Until a license is applied, the MapR Control System dashboard might show some nodes in the amber "degraded" state. Don't worry if not all nodes are green and "healthy" at this stage.
  2. In the navigation pane of the MapR Control System, expand the System Settings Views group and click Manage Licenses to display the MapR License Management dialog.
    1. Click Add Licenses via Web.
    2. If the cluster is already registered, the license is applied automatically. Otherwise, click OK to register the cluster on and follow the instructions there.