MapR 5.0 Documentation : Adding a License

To add a license:

On a machine that is connected to the cluster and to the Internet, perform the following steps to install the license:

  1. In a browser, view the MapR Control System by navigating to the node that is running the WebServer:
    If the cluster does not have an HTTPS certificate yet, the browser will warn you that the connection is not trustworthy. You can ignore the warning this time.
  2. Log in to the MapR Control System as the administrative user.
  3. In the navigation pane of the MapR Control System, click Manage Licenses at the top right to display the MapR License Management dialog.
  4. Click Add Licenses via Web.
  5. If the cluster is already registered, the license is applied automatically. Otherwise, click OK to register the cluster on and follow the instructions there.
    • If the cluster is not yet registered, the message "Cluster not found" appears and the browser is redirected to a registration page.
    • On the registration page, create an account and log in.
    • On the Register Cluster page, choose the license to apply and click Register.
    • When the message "Cluster Registered" appears, click Return to your MapR Cluster UI.