MapR 5.0 Documentation : Changing an IP Address

To Change the IP Address of a Node

  1. Shut down Warden and ZooKeeper on the node to be changed.

    % service mapr-zookeeper stop
    % service mapr-warden stop

  2. Change the IP address of the node.

  3. Edit the /etc/hosts file on all nodes to reflect the IP address change, or ensure that the IP addresses are resolvable through a DNS search.
  4. On the node where you changed the IP address, restart the network interface.
    The interface shuts down, so you lose the connection.
  5. Log into the node using the new IP address.
  6. Check the IP address. For example, run ifconfig.
  7. Run on the node where you changed the IP address. Use the -Z option to provide the list of ZooKeeper nodes if the node is a ZooKeeper node. Use the -C option to provide a list of CLDB nodes if the node is a CLDB node. Otherwise, run /opt/mapr/server/ -R
  8. If you changed the IP address of a ZooKeeper node:
    1. If you run the Drillbit service on any nodes in the cluster, change the ZooKeeper address in the conf/drill-override.conf file on the Drill nodes. 
    2. Start ZooKeeper on the ZooKeeper node, and then perform a rolling restart of ZooKeeper on all other ZooKeeper nodes. 
      A rolling restart of ZooKeeper means restart ZooKeeper on each node, one at a time, pausing until the last restart finishes before beginning the next. Restart the ZooKeeper leader last.
  9. Verify that the new node joined the ZooKeeper quorum.

    % service mapr-zookeeper qstatus

  10. Perform a rolling restart of Warden on all nodes.

  11. Check that all nodes appear in the output of the node list command. You might have to wait a few minutes until all nodes are registered before you get output from this command.

    % maprcli node list -columns ip

  12. Perform another rolling restart of Warden on all nodes to prevent possible problems with Warden picking up all services.