MapR 5.0 Documentation : Configuration Files

This section contains reference information about the following configuration files:

  • .dfs_attributes - Controls compression and chunk size for each directory
  • cldb.conf - Specifies configuration parameters for the CLDB and cluster topology
  • daemon.conf - Specifies the user and group that MapR services run as
  • disktab - Lists the disks in use by MapR-FS
  • exports - Lists NFS exports
  • mapr-clusters.conf - Specifies the CLDB nodes for one or more clusters that can be reached from the node or client
  • mapr.login.conf - Specifies configuration parameters for MapR security
  • mfs.conf - Specifies parameters about MapR-FS server on each node
  • warden.conf - Specifies parameters related to MapR services and Warden. Not to be edited directly by users.
  • warden.<servicename>.conf - Specifies parameters related to Hadoop services.
  • zoo.cfg - Specifies ZooKeeper configuration parameters
  • Default mapred Parameters - Contains MapReduce v2 default settings that can be overridden using mapred-site.xml. Not to be edited directly by users.
  • mapred-site.xml -  MapReduce v2 settings
  • Default YARN Parameters - Contains YARN default settings that can be overriden using yarn-site.xml. Not to be edited directly by users.
  • yarn-site.xml - YARN settings.

Hadoop 1.x Configuration Files

Configuration File Permissions

Files located in /opt/mapr/hadoop-0.20.2/conf are owned by the mapr user account. To edit these files, you must be logged in as the mapr user.

Files located in /opt/mapr/hadoop-2.x.x/etc/hadoop are owned by the root user account. To edit these files, you must be logged in as root user.

Automatic Rolloff of Old Configuration Files

Whenever you run, the current warden.confmapr-clusters.confhibernate.cfg.xml, and db.conf configuration files are saved with the current timestamp appended to the name. They are saved to the following directory:


These configuration files are saved for backup purposes.