MapR 5.0 Documentation : Configure JobTracker with Kerberos

Modify the mapred-site.xml File

The mapred-site.xml file needs the following information for JobTracker:

Property Name
mapreduce.jobtracker.kerberos.principalHostname and realmmapr/_HOST@<REALM>
mapreduce.jobtracker.keytab.filePath to the MapReduce keytab file/opt/mapr/conf/mapr.keytab

Add these properties to your mapred-site.xml file as shown in the following example. Note that this example uses dev-maprtech for the Kerberos realm.


<!-- JobTracker security configuration -->
  <value>/opt/mapr/conf/mapr.keytab</value> <!-- path to the MapReduce keytab -->


Modify the File

The file contains a setting for MapR login options that defaults to the value maprsasl. Change this value to hybrid, which applies to Kerberos and other security protocols.

The new line (after the change) should look like this:




Restart JobTracker

JobTracker must be restarted in order for the configuration file changes to take effect. Enter the following command:


maprcli node services -jobtracker restart -nodes <jtnode>