MapR 5.0 Documentation : Configure MapR-SASL for Sqoop2

As of Sqoop2 1.99.6-1507, you can configure Sqoop2 to use MapR-SASL. When you configure MapR-SASL for Sqoop2, other components that communicate with Sqoop, such as Hue, must also be configured to use MapR-SASL. 

Complete the following steps on each node that runs the Sqoop2 server:

  1. Remove the # before the following properties in the Authentication configuration section of the file (/opt/mapr/sqoop/sqoop-<version>/server/conf/
  2. Restart Sqoop2 server

    maprcli node services -name sqoop2 -action restart -nodes <space delimited list of nodes>

To start Sqoop2 client with MapR-SASL, run the following command: 

sudo -u mapr /opt/mapr/sqoop/sqoop-<version>/bin/ client --custom