MapR 5.0 Documentation : Configuring Impersonation when Cluster Security is not Enabled

Follow these steps on the client to configure impersonation without enabling cluster security.

  1. Enable impersonation for each ecosystem component you will use that supports impersonation. See Component Requirements for Impersonation.

  2. Enable impersonation for the MapR core components. See Enabling Impersonation for the mapr Superuser.

  3. On each client system from which you wish to be able to use impersonation:

    1. Set a MAPR_IMPERSONATION_ENABLED environment variable with the value, true. This value must be set in the environment of any process you start that does impersonation.

    2. Create a file in /opt/mapr/conf/proxy/ that has name of the mapr superuser. The default file name would be mapr.

      If the mapr superuser has a different name in your cluster, use that name for the proxy file. To verify the mapr superuser name, check the mapr.daemon.user= line in the /opt/mapr/conf/daemon.conf file on a MapR cluster server.