MapR 5.0 Documentation : Configuring the Default MapReduce Mode for the Cluster

You can use the maprcli command line or the MapR Control System (MCS) to change the MapReduce mode for the entire cluster. The maprcli command line and the MCS utilize Central Configuration to update all the nodes in the cluster with the MapReduce mode.

To set the cluster MapReduce mode using maprcli:

Run the following command:

maprcli cluster mapreduce set -mode <yarn|classic>

To verify the current mapreduce mode, run the following command:

maprcli cluster mapreduce get

To set the cluster mode in the MapR Control System:

  1.  Login to the MapR Control System.
  2.  Perform one of the following operations:
    1.  In the header area, click the link that contains the current MapReduce version.
    2.  In the System Settings view of the Navigation Pane, click MapReduce Version.
  3. In the Configure MapReduceMode dialog, select the appropriate MapReduce mode for the cluster.
  4. Click OK.