MapR 5.0 Documentation : Configuring the Default MapReduce Mode on Client Nodes

You can edit the hadoop_version file on a MapR client node to configure the default MapReduce mode for all jobs and application that you submit from the client node. The mode that you set on the client overrides the MapReduce mode of the cluster.

For information about how this impacts ecosystem clients, seeĀ Managing the MapReduce Mode for Ecosystem Components.

To set the MapReduce mode on the client node:

  1. Open the hadoop_version file in the following location: /opt/mapr/conf/
  2. Edit the default_mode parameter.
    The following values are valid for the default_mode parameter:


    Specifies that the client submits MapReduce v1 jobs to the cluster.

    default_mode=yarnSpecifies that the client submits MapReduce v2 applications to the cluster.

    The MapReduce mode setting on the client node enables all of the hadoop command that you run on this client to operate using the hadoop version associated with that mode. For example, if you set the MapReduce mode to yarn, when you run hadoop classpath the classpath associated with hadoop 2.x displays.