MapR 5.0 Documentation : Creating Volumes

A volume is a means of grouping potentially large numbers of files, directories, and other volumes in a logical unit so that you can apply policies to them all at once. Think of a volume as a group of data that's easy to manage. You can set permissions, replication factor, and other attributes on an entire volume at once, instead of managing large numbers of files individually. And that's only the beginning. In the next few exercises, you'll see some of the amazing things you can do with volumes. Start by creating your first volume:

  1. In the MapR Control System, click Volumes under MapR-FS in the navigation pane.
  2. Click the New Volume button to display the New Volume dialog.
  3. In the Volume Name field, type a name for the new volume: for example, my-volume
  4. In the Mount Path field, type a place to mount the volume: for example, /baz
  5. Click OK to save the settings.

Notice that the volume now appears in the list of Volumes. From the Hadoop  shell or NFS, you can create, read, and write directories and files in the volume. If you have NFS-mounted /mapr/default then your directory should show up as a subdirectory. From the command line, try typing: cd /mapr/default/baz

In the next step, you will see how to protect data in the volume and enable easy point-in-time recovery with snapshots.

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