MapR 5.0 Documentation : Displaying Table Region Information for MapR-DB Tables

MapR-DB tables are split into regions on an ongoing basis. Administrators and developers do not need to manage these regions or restructure data on disk when data is added and deleted. These operations happen automatically. You can list region information for tables to get a sense of the size and location of table data on the MapR cluster.

Examining Table Region Information in the MapR Control System

  1. In the MCS Navigation pane under the MapR-FS group, click Tables. The Tables section appears in the main window.
  2. Find the table you want to work with, using one of the following methods.
    • Scan for the table under Recently Opened Tables in the Tables section.
    • Enter the table pathname in the Go to table field and click Go.
  3. Click the desired table name. A Table section appears in the main MCS pane, displaying information for the specific table.
  4. Click the Regions tab. The Regions section displays region information for the table.

Listing Table Region Information at the Command Line

Use the maprcli table region command:

$ maprcli table region list -path <path to table>
numberofrows  fid             secondarynodes  primarynode  numberofrowswithdelete  startkey   numberofsegments  numberofspills  logicalsize  lastheartbeat  endkey    copypendingsize  physicalsize  
0             2123.32.131208                  centos22     0                       -INFINITY  0                 0               0            0              INFINITY  0                0