MapR 5.0 Documentation : Enable Drill Impersonation without Hive

Chaining is a system-wide setting that applies to all views. Currently, Drill does not provide an option to allow different chain lengths for different views.

Complete the following steps on each Drillbit node to enable user impersonation, and set the maximum number of chained user hops that Drill allows:

  1. Navigate to <drill_installation_directory>/conf/ and edit drill-override.conf.

  2. Under drill.exe, add the following:

     drill.exec.impersonation: {
           enabled: true,
            max_chained_user_hops: 3
  3. Verify that enabled is set to ‘true’.

  4. Set the maximum number of chained user hops that you want Drill to allow.
  5. Add the following line to the file:

    export MAPR_TICKETFILE_LOCATION=/opt/mapr/conf/mapruserticket
  6. Restart the Drillbit process on each Drill node.

    <DRILLINSTALL_HOME>/bin/ restart