MapR 5.0 Documentation : Getting Started with MapR Security

MapR allows you to implement a completely custom configuration of security for components within a secure MapR installation. However, about 80% of secure MapR installations actually implement one of two core scenarios.

For reasons driven by dependencies between security options selected for different MapR ecosystem components, these two options are defined in terms of the extent to which you wish to use, or avoid use of Kerberos. If your security plans fit within one of these scenarios, you can implement the component settings described without having to do all the planning to work out the dependencies between security option choices made for different components.

These scenarios are streamlined to allow you to quickly implement security in a MapR installation with security enabled.

  • If you wish to implement security selectively within a MapR installation where security is not enabled, see the sections for individual ecosystem components in the Ecosystem Guide
  • If you wish to configure a custom security implementation, selecting from the full range of options that are available, see Configuring MapR Security and sections for individual ecosystem components in the Ecosystem Guide

To quickly implement security in a secured MapR cluster, configure security settings for a scenario in which Kerberos is used wherever it is supported: