MapR 5.0 Documentation : Install Mahout

Install Mahout on the nodes from which Mahout applications will be executed. You can install Mahout on a MapR cluster node or on a MapR client node that runs Linux. Note that you do not have to install Mahout on the cluster in order to run Mahout applications from your client. 

The Mahout installation procedures below use the operating system's package manager to download and install Mahout from the MapR Repository. If you want to install this component manually from packages files, see Packages and Dependencies for MapR Software.

  1. Update the list of available packages.

    On Ubuntu...
    apt-get update
    On RedHat / CentOS...
    yum clean all


  2. Install Mahout. 

    On Ubuntu...
    # apt-get install mapr-mahout
    On RedHat / CentOS...
    # yum install mapr-mahout

Next Steps

See Configure Mahout.