MapR 5.0 Documentation : Installing the MapR Sandbox with Drill on VirtualBox

The MapR Sandbox for Drill on VirtualBox comes with NAT port forwarding enabled, which allows you to access the sandbox using localhost as hostname.

Complete the following steps to install the MapR Sandbox with Drill on VirtualBox:

  1. Download the MapR Sandbox with Drill file to a directory on your machine:

  2. Open the virtual machine player.

  3. Select File > Import Appliance. The Import Virtual Appliance dialog appears.

  4. Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the MapR Sandbox with Drill and click Next. The Appliance Settings window appears.

  5. Select the check box at the bottom of the screen: Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards, then click Import. The Import Appliance imports the sandbox.

  6. When the import completes, Click . The VirtualBox - Settings dialog appears.

  7. Select Network

    Verify that Adapter 1 is attached to NAT. This option should work for most scenarios. However, if you are going to use a wired Ethernet connection, you can select NAT Network. If you use ODBC or JDBC on a remote host, select Bridged Adapter.

  8. Click OK to continue.

  9. Click Start. It takes a few minutes for the MapR services to start. After the MapR services start and installation completes, a screen that displays the following message appears:

    MapR-Sandbox-For-Apache-Drill-<version> installation finished successfully. 
    Please go to to begin your experience. 
    Open a browser on your host machine and enter the URL in the browser's address field. 
    You can access the host via SSH by ssh mapr@localhost -p 2222
    Log in to this virtual machine: Linux/Windows <Alt+F2>, Mac OS X <Options+F5>

    Note: The URL provided corresponds to the Web Console in Apache Drill. If you used a bridged adapter, the network generates and assigns an IP to the sandbox that you use in place of To get the IP address, log in to the sandbox, using Alt+F2 on Windows or Option+F5 on Mac or Linux. Enter root as the username and mapr as the password. Enter ifconfig to get the sandbox IP address. The IP address is located in the inet address field. You can log in to Drill using the IP address and port 8047.

  10. The client must be able to resolve the actual hostname of the Drill node(s) with the IP(s). Verify that a DNS entry was created on the client machine for the Drill node(s).
    If a DNS entry does not exist, create the entry for the Drill node(s). 

    • For Windows, create the entry in the %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.

    • For Linux and Mac, create the entry in /etc/hosts.
      <drill-machine-IP>  <drill-machine-hostname>
      Example: maprdemo

Navigate to http://localhost:8047 to experience the Drill Web UI, or log into the sandbox through the command line. Login using ssh as described in Getting to Know the Drill Sandbox on the Drill web site. When prompted, enter mapr as the login name and password. Alternatively, access the command line on the VM: Press Alt+F2 on Windows or Option+F5 on Mac.

What's Next

After downloading and installing the sandbox, continue with the tutorial by Getting to Know the Drill Setup.