MapR 5.0 Documentation : Installing the mapr-client Package

Install the mapr-client package on the nodes on which you will build and run the application. This package installs the MapR-DB version of the libhbase C API library.

The package mapr-core contains the files that are in the mapr-client package. If you have installed the mapr-core package, you do not need to install the mapr-client package.

Complete the following steps to install the mapr-client package from a repository:

  1. Configure the repository to point to<operating system>
  2. Based on your operating system, run one of the following commands to install the package:
    • On Red Hat /Centos: 
      yum install mapr-client
    • On SUSE:
      zypper install mapr-client
    • On Ubuntu:
      apt-get install mapr-client