MapR 5.0 Documentation : Integrate Hue with Sqoop2

Hue's Sqoop Transfer application is used to import data from MySQL to MapR-FS and to export data from MapR-FS to MySQL. Before you can run the Sqoop Transfer application, you need to:

  • Install the Sqoop2 server and Sqoop2 client packages (see Sqoop2)
  • Edit the hue.ini file to configure Hue with Sqoop2.
  • As of Hue 3.8.1, you can configure Hue to use Kerberos with Sqoop2. For more information, see Configure Kerberos Between Hue and Sqoop2.

To disable the Sqoop2 application, see Disabling an Application.

Modifying the hue.ini File

  1. Locate the sqoop section of the hue.ini file.

      # For autocompletion, fill out the librdbms section.
      # Sqoop server URL
      ## server_url=http://localhost:12000/sqoop
  2. Uncomment the ## server_url=http://localhost:12000/sqoop statement and change localhost to the IP address or host name of the node where the Sqoop2 server is running.



In Hue 3.x releases, Sqoop2 only supports files in comma-separated value (.csv) format.