MapR 5.0 Documentation : JDBC Driver for Drill

For the MapR 1.4 release of Drill, MapR provides a Drill JDBC driver that you can download and use on all platforms to connect BI tools, such as SQuirreL and Spotfire, to Drill. The Drill JDBC driver provides read-only access to Drill data sources and complies with the JDBC 4.1 data standards, supporting JDBC API version 4.1.

Drill provides an ANSI SQL query layer and also exposes the metadata information through an ANSI SQL Standard metadata database called INFORMATION_SCHEMA. The Drill JDBC driver leverages INFORMATION_SCHEMA to expose Drill metadata to BI tools. 

For download and configuration information, refer to the following sections:

To learn about features or to reference an example of how to use the driver in an application, refer to the following sections:

Note: The Drill JDBC driver provided by MapR is the driver recommended for MapR deployments. An Apache Drill open source driver is also available.