MapR 5.0 Documentation : Managing MapR-DB Tables in Hue 3.x

As of Hue 3.7 and Hbase 0.98.7, you can create and manage MapR-DB tables in the Hbase Browser of the Hue interface.

This page includes the following sections:

Using the Hbase Browser

When you open the Hbase Browser, you can view the all the directories and MapR-DB tables available in the MapR-FS. You can use the HBase Browser to create, edit, and search for MapR-DB tables. However, you cannot enable, disable, or drop MapR-DB tables.

Creating a MapR-DB Table

  1. In the Hbase Browser, click New Table.
  2. In the Table Name field, provide the full path to the table that you want to create.
    For example, to create mapr-db-table2 in the user directory, enter /user/mapr-db-table2.
  3. In the Column Families section, you can add column families and column properties.
  4. Click Submit. 
    The table that you created appears in the Hbase Browser: