MapR 5.0 Documentation : MapR Impala ODBC Driver Features

Data Types 

The following data types are supported: 

  • CHAR
  • INT
  • DECIMAL(p,s)

The aggregate types (ARRAY, MAP and STRUCT) are not yet supported. Columns of aggregate types are treated as STRING columns.

Catalog and Schema Support 

The MapR Impala ODBC Driver for Impala supports catalogs and schemas so the driver can work with various ODBC applications. Since Impala only organizes tables into schema/database, a synthetic catalog, called “IMPALA” contains all of the schemas/databases. The driver maps the ODBC schema to the Impala schema/database. 

SQL Translation 

The MapR Impala ODBC Driver can parse queries locally before it sends them to the Impala server. This feature enables the driver to calculate query metadata without executing the query, support query parameters, and support extra SQL features such as ODBC escape sequences and additional scalar functions that are not available in the Impala-shell client.

Active Directory

The MapR Impala ODBC Driver supports Active Directory Kerberos on Windows. Before you can use Active Directory Kerberos on Windows, the following prerequisites must be met:

  1. MIT Kerberos is not installed on the client Windows machine.
  2. The MIT Kerberos Hadoop realm has been configured to trust the Active Directory realm, according to Cloudera’s documentation, so that users in the Active Directory realm can access services in the MIT Kerberos Hadoop realm.